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Q&A with Ravi Mundi, Account Manager

Ravi Mundi – Account Manger | Lower Mainland

Tell us about your previous sales experience & previous work experience

I come from the Travel & Tourism industry with 9+ years of experience. Being a specialist with digital analytics, I know how important it is to see the big picture and be able to forecast certain patterns and trends. Having client facing roles, I know the value of ensuring that a customer has a positive experience right from our first point of contact. I also spent several years in my early 20’s within the bricklaying industry, experiences that I can draw on when understanding the hard-working mindset of our hands-on customers.

What made you want to join our team? Did you see any particular opportunities with Stride?

The positive environment and culture that I could see first hand within the Stride Capital offices, I knew this was a company I wanted to be a part of and could see a future with. Ensuring that all customer needs are met in a prompt and timely manner are just some of my strengths. Being exposed to competitive team sports at an early age, I was able to develop skills in how to work within a teamwork environment and how to interact with others with a positive approach. I look forward to working along side my colleagues to help companies and individuals succeed with their business endeavours.

What territory will you be covering, and will you focus on any specific industries?

I will be focusing on clients and vendors in the Lower Mainland, which is where I am based out of. Living in Abbotsford, it will allow me to have the opportunity to conduct in person meetings with all my clients on short notice. Transportation, Agricultural, Forestry, Construction & Manufacturing machinery will all be focuses of mine, but I am always open for discussion to provide lease financing for any revenue generating asset. With my current network I am going to focus on helping clients within my territory complete business to business equipment sales, via the Stride Capital Corp private sale program. I will also be focusing on supporting the vendor network selling equipment in the Lower Mainland.

Can you tell us a little about your life outside of work:

Growing up in the Kootenay region in BC, you get exposed to all sorts of sports and activities. I enjoy spending time skiing in the mountains & playing hockey during the winter and unwinding lakeside, on a warm summer’s day. Growing up playing sports brings out a competitive nature that I will use to help provide the best customer service possible for our clients. I am also interested in learning about people, their history and what their lives involve, so whether it’s chatting about how the Canucks are on the path to winning the Stanley Cup next year or just talking about current affairs, I am always available for a chat and a coffee.