Equipment Leasing:
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When purchasing new or used heavy equipment, you need financial products that make sense for your business. Using a common-sense lending model, Stride Capital will find the right terms and structure to help your business succeed. We have expertise in Agriculture, Construction, Energy, Forestry, Industrial, Manufacturing, Mining, Transportation and several other industries, and have built commercial leasing products that work for their unique needs.


We offer Capital leases for when you’re buying your next new or used unit through a dealer or from another business owner. 

Vendor Direct

When you need capital to purchase new or used heavy equipment, Stride can help you. We work with 100s of certified vendors across Canada and continue to grow our partners. Whether your preferred vendor is on our list or not, we are ready to work on your approval.

Private Sales

Buying a piece of equipment from another business owner, outside of a vendor or retailer? Private sales can be financed through Stride Capital and we have the expertise to make it go smoothly. We’ll handle all the necessary documentation to ensure your equipment has a clear title. Stride also receives and holds the funding until both the private seller and buyer are satisfied with the arrangement, reducing any risk and concerns in the sale.

Auction Pre-Approvals

Before heading to the auction, give us a call for pre-approval, so you don’t miss out when you find the right gear. Our approvals are good for 90-days, so even if you miss out at the auction, you can still shop for the right piece of equipment.



If you have existing equipment, a Sale & Leaseback is a good way to free up capital that you can use to grow your business, acquire another company, get through a slow season or pay off higher interest debt.

Working Capital

We purchase equipment that has equity in it and then lease it back to you. You can then use that freed up cash to pay off higher interest loans, credit cards, parts accounts or any other business related expense.

Stretch ‘n’ Save

When your gear’s useful life is longer than your current financing term, we can rewrite your existing lease to lower your monthly payment. In addition to improving your monthly cash flow, we could also include additional working capital if your equipment holds enough equity.

Consolidation and Refinancing

When you’re financing equipment on multiple leases or loans, consider using a Sale & Leaseback to consolidate all your debt. This makes managing your monthly cash flow easier with one lower monthly lease payment.



Seasonal | Skip or Interest Only | Semi-Annual & Annual

Business can be unpredictable, and financing needs to follow the highs and lows of your company. We offer flexible leasing terms so your payments match your business’ seasonality. We can structure payments where you increase your payments during your busy season and skip them during your slow months.

Trade-Up Program

Sometimes it’s difficult to know what equipment to add to your fleet when the job can change in a few months. Stride Capital offers a trade-up program that allows you to move from one piece of equipment into the next, so long as the next asset is about the same cost as your current lease. Want to read more about tooling up? Learn more.

Start an application or call an account manager for a no-obligation, 90-day credit pre-approval today.



GAP | Accident Down Time | Mechanical Down Time | Life & Disability

Your can rest easy by choosing an insurance plan that helps cover the full value of your equipment. Your options include: coverage to waive the difference between your insurance settlement and outstanding lease balances to protect your down payment, accident down-time, as well as major mechanical breakdowns. What’s even better, is you can combine them however you like.

Life and disability insurance is also available through Stride Capital, so contact us today and we will take care of your needs.

Stride Capital works with thousands of small businesses and vendors across British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, the Atlantic provinces and even in the Yukon to find commercial financing solutions that make sense for their business. Knowing the pride and care small business owners put into their equipment, Stride Capital finances equipment based on how much life there is left. There’s no age restrictions at Stride, or arbitrary rules as to who can get financing – unlike some other financial institutions. Business is complicated, and we make our lending decisions based on understanding the story and the owners behind the numbers.