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Leasing equipment takes the stress out of building your business.

Why leasing is a great alternative to traditional loans.

With a lease, you set a payment structure that matches your income stream to work with your cash flow.

With a loan you pay the taxes on the entire purchase day one, with a lease the GST/PST or HST is spread out and made on each monthly payment.

Depending on how you’re accounting for your lease payment, there may be large tax benefits to leasing your equipment.

With a loan, you own the equipment right away, limiting your options to change the gear as the nature of your work can change. With Stride’s trade up policy you have the ability to change gear depending on your work program.

Looking for a Capital Lease or a Sale & Leaseback?

We got you covered.


All Asset Types & Age

No restrictions or arbitrary rules based on the equipment type or how old the gear is.


Less Fees

Free, 90-day, no obligation application process and no annual fees.


Fixed Payments

Fixed payment schedules that help you manage your budget and plan your cashflow.


Cashflow Control

Smaller fixed payments on a monthly, seasonal, semi annual or annual schedule, rather than one upfront cost.

Why choose Stride?

Hundreds of small business owners across Canada choose Stride Capital as their direct lender and here's why:

24-hour Approvals

Down-time costs you money, so we use common-sense lending to move approvals quickly.

Equipment Expertise

Trust the experts who value your equipment's working life. We don't use arbitrary rules based on age or asset type.

Flexible terms

With seasonal skips, semi-annual and annual payment options, we work within your cash flow requirements. Our trade-up policy allows you to change up your gear to match your current work project.

Free-up Cash

Pay off higher debts, parts account or other expenses by freeing up capital in your existing equipment with a Sale & Leaseback.

Industries We Cater To

Do you have any questions?

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