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Capital Leases

We offer Capital leases for when you’re buying a new or used unit through a dealer or from another business owner.

Vendor Direct

If it’s time to purchase new or used heavy equipment, Stride can help you. We work with 100s of certified vendors across Canada and continue to grow our partners. Whether your preferred vendor is on our list or not, we are ready to work on getting you approved.

Private Sales

Buying a piece of equipment from another business owner? Private sales can be financed through Stride Capital and we have the expertise to make it go smoothly. We’ll handle all the necessary documentation to ensure there is clear title to the equipment.

Auction Pre-Approvals

Head to the auction with confidence, give us a call for pre-approval, and don’t miss out when you find the right gear. Our approvals are good for 90-days, so even if you miss out at the auction, you can still shop for the right piece of equipment.

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Need working capital - and fast?

Approvals within 24 hours and 90-day, no-obligation quotes for when you find the right gear for the job.