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Sale & Leaseback

If you have existing equipment, a Sale & Leaseback is a great way to free up capital that you can use to grow your business, acquire another company, get through a slow season or pay off higher interest debt.

Working Capital

We purchase equipment that has equity in it and then lease it back to you. You can then use that freed up cash to pay off higher interest loans, credit cards, parts accounts or any other business related expenses.

Stretch 'n' Save

When your gear’s useful life is longer than your current financing term, we can rewrite your existing lease to lower your monthly payment. In addition to improving your monthly cash flow, we could also include additional working capital if your equipment holds enough equity.

Consolidation and Refinancing

When you’re financing equipment on multiple leases or loans, consider using a Sale & Leaseback to consolidate all your debt. This makes managing your monthly cash flow easier with one lower monthly lease payment.

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