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Finance your next truck & trailer while you wash

For Owner Operators & First time buyers.

Same day approvals. 90 day rates.

No Obligations

If you’ve been thinking about adding equipment to your fleet in the next few months, complete an application today to get approval with no obligations. Once approved, your rate is good for 90 days, so that your money will be ready when you are. Whether you find the right unit today or in a couple of months at a dealership, auction or in a private sale, you can know that your heavy equipment financing needs are covered.

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    Looking for a Capital Lease or a Sale & Leaseback

    We’ve got you covered

    Looking for a Capital Lease or a Sale & Leaseback?

    We got you covered.


    All Asset Types & Age

    No restrictions or arbitrary rules based on the equipment type or how old the gear is.


    Less Fees

    Free, 90-day, no obligation application process and no annual fees.


    Fixed Payments

    Fixed payment schedules that help you manage your budget and plan your cashflow.


    Cashflow Control

    Smaller fixed payments on a monthly, seasonal, semi annual or annual schedule, rather than one upfront cost.