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Q & A with new Stride Capital Account Manager Trevor Essaunce

Give us a synopsis of your previous industry experience

My industry experience, and a passion for heavy equipment, started early, working an after school job at Brandt Tractor aiding the mechanics. From there, I held various operating jobs ranging from running a mobile crushing spread in the West Kootenays to working at a Nickel mine in Thompson, Manitoba immediately after high school.

While studying finance full-time at MRU I consulted for a heavy equipment brokerage tailored to procuring large-ticket mining gear. Working part-time I aided in the procurement of equipment, sales and financial services. During the Summer my work ramped up to full-time, where my procurement and sales role included dismantling and shipping multi-million-dollar inventory of Rock Trucks from the Alberta Oil Sands to the ports in Australia.

After graduating from MRU I combined my finance degree with my passion for equipment and landed a job with GE Capital Equipment Finance. With GE Capital I directly participated in funding over $200MM of asset-based deals for clients in Northern Alberta and Saskatchewan. This role allowed me to hone my skills in financial analysis, growing market presence, developing sales opportunities and managing relationships.

What sparked your passion for heavy equipment

Its in my blood as I came from a family of loggers and entrepreneurs. My grandparents were among the original settlers in the West Kootenays and owned a local sawmill along with several acres of timber rights. Forestry is one of the largest industries in the area and continues to employ many family members either directly or indirectly. I think all kids have a natural attraction to heavy equipment but I was fortunate enough to be around it and that experience engrained a passion that stayed with me.

Can you take us through your education background?

I obtained a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management with dual minors: Financial Services and Economics from Mount Royal University in Calgary.

What opportunities do you see working for Stride Capital?

I have been given the opportunity to represent Stride throughout a portion of the Lower Mainland, on Vancouver Island and throughout the central and southern interior. It’s a diverse geographical territory with variety in both client types and industries; from established publicly traded companies, to generational family run businesses and small start up operations.

Specifically, on Vancouver Island and in the southern interior, there is an opportunity to enter a marketplace that’s relatively under-represented by our industry. Often, the smaller rural areas are full of entrepreneurs and business owners who aren’t on the radar of traditional lending institutions. I am excited to meet these clients one-on-one to get a genuine understanding of their businesses and what they expect from their financial partners.

Any specific industries that you will focus on?

Initially, I am going to leverage my experiences to target companies in the forestry transportation & construction industries. Within those industries I will leverage Stride’s ability to tailor financing packages specific to each clients requirements. Whether we are working with an owner operator, an established fleet or a new start up, Stride’s diverse products will allow me to customize a lease that best-fits each clients individual needs.

What is it about Stride Capital that made you want to join their team?

I am excited that, while Stride is a relatively new leasing company, the partners are all well seasoned industry experts. The combination of learning from four managing partners who also make the day to day decisions is the perfect place for me to continue my leasing career. As one of the only independently owned equipment leasing companies in Western Canada, Stride is well positioned to differentiate from broker’s and traditional financial institutions. Their ability to target a wide range of credit profiles, over a broad range of industries, with common-sense decisions sets them apart from our competition. Working at Stride I will be able to avoid the bureaucratic decision making of larger financial institutions that clog up our clients’ valuable time.

Stride’s head office is based in Calgary, Alberta, as a remote Account Manager what territory will you cover?

My territory includes the Lower Mainland, Okanagan, Vancouver Island and East and West Kootenays.

Growing up in British Columbia, what are your hobbies?

I grew up spending most of my time outdoors or in the hockey rink. In the Summers, I spent tons of time fishing the banks of creeks and rivers as well as spending time on the beach. In the winter, I kept busy playing competitive hockey and travelling to tournaments.

Tell us about your life outside of work.

I live an active, healthy lifestyle keeping busy working out, playing hockey, hiking, fishing and being an awesome uncle to my two Nieces. If you’re in need of capital for heavy equipment in the LML, Okanagan, Vancouver Islane, or East and West Kootenay regions, contact Trevor or contact Stride Capital today.

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