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Lauren Boutilier

Documentation Specialist

Lauren is a new addition to the Leasing Documentation Team at Stride Capital and a new entrant into the equipment financing and leasing industry.

Lauren has a diverse background providing for customers and clients in various environments. She previously worked as a Geologist for six years before moving into the financial industry where she worked in dealer financing.

Lauren is a graduate of the University of Calgary, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology. While working as a Geologist for a mining consulting company, she worked on a variety of oil sands and coal projects while gaining valuable experience in office, laboratory, and field environments. Following a downturn in the energy industry, Lauren shifted paths to the financing sector.

She continued to utilize her ability to work successfully under pressure within restricted time frames to support the funding team within the dealer finance division for a major bank. Lauren will continue to apply her experiences from these roles to successfully contribute to the Leasing Documentation Team here at Stride and aid them in expediting funding solutions for our clients

Lauren resides in Calgary, Alberta, where she was born and raised.