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Shirley Gibb

Manager | Documentation & Administration

Shirley Gibb is the Manager, Documentation & Administration for Stride Capital and has been working in the Finance & Transportation industries for more than 30 years.

With over three decades of experience in management and administration, she helps manage Stride’s industry leading administration and funding department.

As previous Manager of Documentation & Funding for a start-up independent leasing company, she developed and implemented the documentation policies and procedures, while working collaboratively and effectively with executive management team to facilitate staff orientation and training for marketing, administration and management personnel. Most recently her role was working cohesively through the development and growth of the Western Canada Region for a now large publicly traded leasing company as Documentation Liaison.

Shirley is instrumental in the success of Stride Capital by providing support to streamline the Documentation & Administration platform; to recruit and mentor the administrative team and to ensure all aspects of development align with core values while promoting positive growth.