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Tanay Desai

Sales Coordinator

Tanay embarked on his journey in the corporate world after moving to Canada at the age of 17.

During his undergraduate studies, he gained invaluable experience at TELUS, where he spent two years excelling in various roles. Initially, he served as a Sales Representative for the consumer sector before transitioning into the role of Account Manager in the business to business sector.

Tanay graduated with a Bachelor of Finance and General Management in December 2023, marking a significant milestone in his academic and professional journey. His transition into the finance sector has been fulfilling, leveraging his diverse skill set and experiences.

His notable achievements include being recognized as the top sales performer at TELUS for four consecutive months and setting records for the highest sales in a day, week, and month, showcasing his sales acumen and dedication. One of Tanay’s most cherished accomplishments is securing victory in the Yonex State Badminton Tournament in May 2021.

As he ventures into the finance industry, Tanay is thrilled to embark on this new learning journey. Residing in Calgary for almost 3 years, he has quickly grown fond of the city and looks forward to further immersing himself in its vibrant community and professional opportunities.